• Woman of Achievement Award for contribution to the quality of life in Contra Costa County (1997)

  • Mountain Star Award from Save Mt. Diablo for contribution to park preservation through education (2001)

  • Hall of Fame Honoree, Contra Costa County Commission for Women (2003)

  • Diablo Magazine Threads of Hope Honoree (2006)

  • Contra Costa Times "The Monday Profile" (2007)

  • Sustainable Contra Costa Award Nominee (2015)

Judith F. Adler & Associates





Judy Adler has been actively involved in the field of environmental education in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than two decades. Thousands of K-12 students have participated in her educational field trips. Diablo Nature Adventures outings provide the field experiences that enhance many areas of classroom instruction. Geology, geography, aquatic biology, and the cultural and natural history of the Diablo region are among the subjects taught.

Healthy Relationships and Structures for Survival in a Healthy Ecosystem are correlated with the State's Education and Environment Initiative.



Graywater used for irrigation
Mountain Mama's is a nursery, backyard wildlife habitat, school program site, demonstration garden for sustainable practices, fruit stand and small-scale suburban farm all rolled into one. It includes graywater and rainharvesting systems. It offers for sale: Fresh, local, in season, sustainably grown produce, Mediterranean-climate plants including a selection of California natives, Assorted Succulents, and Plants for School Gardens.

Judy's Tomorrow Land Garden
where the principles of ecology come into play

This area exemplifies what can grow without supplemental water in central Contra Costa County. It contains plants from Mediterranean climates around the world, but the emphasis is on California natives. It is a place to explore the history of California, observe the relationships between plants and pollinators, and learn how to create wildlife habitat. It is a place to play, enjoy nature and see how living things respond to and shape their environments.

Through Judy's conscious guidance and energy, a biologically diverse adventure area is emerging on a half acre of Walnut Creek School District land that was once a mustard field. She happily gives tours of this treasure to teachers and interested others.

Tomorrow Land Garden - Poetry and Philosophy

Because I planted milkweed in a field, monarch butterflies arrived
I was assured of enlightenment and entertainment
and they of a future....
Other lives, young and old, were touched by the spectacle of metamorphosis which followed

by Judy Adler, 2015

My vision for this field of my dreams is to:

  • Create a model of planting practices appropriate to the climate, topography and soil conditions (physical and chemical) of this region.
  • Feature California natives and other plants from similar climates i.e. Mediterranean
  • Attract wildlife through diverse plantings and attention to the 4 basic  habitat needs of all living things.
  • Provide opportunities for children to make a visceral connection with nature through observation and play.
  • Highlight plants of historical significance
  • Display geological elements e.g. fossils, that tell the story of the  seashore environment that existed here in the distant past.
  • Make a case for foraging and fostering the reconnection of culture and the culinary arts with native plants; begin a “food forest”.
  • Replicate elements of a Volvon village site in a county in which indigenous peoples had a significant presence.
  • Promote healthy pollinator populations through offering great variety in flower types, forms and colors and by creating a native plant hedge row.
  • Plant host species for butterflies.   Because I planted an abundance of milkweed in the field, children from the adjacent elementary school, their teachers, neighbors and I were able to observe the truly magical emergence of monarch butterflies.  A space has become a destination for members of the community.
  • Demonstrate such sustainable land management practices as:
    a) Carbon sequestration through mulching, composting, tree planting
    b) Contouring the land with swales and mounds and using plant
        anchors for water capture and storage
  • Model what is possible when Nature is left alone.
  • Take pleasure in how much joy the beauty and ecological function of the park-like place I have created brings to those who pass through it or make it their destination.
  • Observe how one can vastly increase floral and faunal richness through a few simple educated acts.

In the spaces where I garden no species will be endangered and the ecosystem will function as it should. Living this way gives me hope. Nature is what it is and to me that is everything! To Life!

Mountain Mama's was one of the featured gardens on the Urban Homesteading Institute's 2015 Contra Costa tour www.iuhoakland.com.



Judy is currently promoting the introduction of water capture systems at area schools with Global Student Embassy staff (www.GSE.org) and at botanical gardens. She gives a tour of these features her home-based rainharvesting and graywater capture systems for garden clubs, high school classes, ecology clubs and other interested groups.

Her informative and motivating article on low-cost, easy-to-install solutions to California's continuing drought is posted on the Planet Experts website in blog format in four parts at www.planetexperts.com/author/judithadler. The article promotes low-tech actions that reuse graywater and capture stormwater for irrigation purposes and was inspired by her experience with these systems at home. To view the original article click on No Rain Insight. Past articles pertaining to water (Free Rain) and seed-saving (Gone to Seed) were originally published in the Valley Sentinel. Judy offers tour that features these systems including their costs, logistics and benefits.

Lexicon of Sustainability Pop-up Show Curator

Making the Lexicon of Sustainability poster show available to interested groups is Judy's latest gesture in the direction of promoting human wellness and environmental health.

The show is available for interested groups at no cost. Call to schedule a pick-up of the posters and easels.

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